In 2013 four LKA members passed Dan examinations in Tokyo.
(Left to right): Juliet Finlay (4th Dan), Melissa Finlay (3rd Dan),
Matt Price (6th Dan) and Ashley Scott (4th Dan)

Leeds Karate Academy was formed in January 2001 by Nick Heald 7th Dan JKS and Matt Price 6th Dan JKS. 

The LKA trains at Horsforth School Gym.  Additionally it has a number of satellites Dojo’s in local Schools which are run by Ashley Scott-Heald 5th Dan.

In January 2012 the LKA affiliated to JKS England.  This was a move designed to give members access to top quality Japanese Instructors.  In 2013, four LKA members passed Dan examinations in Tokyo.  Matt Price was graded to 6th Dan, Ashley Scott and Juliet Finlay to 4th Dan whilst Melissa Finlay was graded to 3rd Dan.  

In December 2018 Nick Heald was graded to 7th Dan and his Wife, Ashley Scott-Heald, was graded to 5th Dan in Tokyo by Kagawa Shihan, World Chief Instructor of the JKS.

The Japan Karate Shotorenmei (JKS) is an International Shotokan Karate organisation with branches in roughly 50 countries worldwide.  It’s HQ is in Tokyo and it is headed by Masao Kagawa Sensei 8th Dan.  JKS members are welcome to train at HQ.

Within this country, JKS England is affiliated to the English Karate Federation, which is recognised as the official governing body for Karate in England by the World Karate Federation (WKF).  

The LKA strives to offer Karate training for all ages and levels of ability and is proud of the size of our membership and quality of our students.  We offer access to the highest level of competition for those that wish to go down that route and all our Dan grades have their grades registered in Japan.